Friday, January 29, 2010

If you were as disappointed in the Star Wars The Phantom Menace as I was, and you are a Star Wars Fan, they you have to watch this review, it is the funniest shit I have seen in a long time. Well worth the watching the entire 70 minutes.

The New Apple Ipad announced on Wednesday

 So the apple ipad was announced on Wednesday at Macworld to mixed reviews.  The 499 price tag is great but the device seems to have some limitations.  No camera, no multi-tasking, no usb/hdmi ports, its basically a big iphone/ipod touch (with no phone).  There are a lot of good things about the ipad too, great apps like movies, photos, internet browser and ipod funtionality.  There is also access to all the iphone apps already available at the app store, as well as a new ibook app and store.  All in all a really cool gadget but it is a little hard to justify buying one if you already have a macbook and iphone.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Family Guy Something Something Darkside

If you haven't seen this yet and you are a Family Guy or Star Wars Fan its a must See!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Del Taco 10 am chili cheese fries ya!

Hollywood Amoeba Records

So we went to Amoeba in Hollywood on sunset tonight and it was so amazing. I must say I am blown away every time I go there. You can spend an entire day just on one section; Metal, Punk, Rock, Hiphop, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Posters, not to mention CDs or Vinyl. You could lose weeks and entire paychecks every time you go there. I spent 80 on just soul records. Check out the title of the find. Go there for sure if you are in Hollywood or SF.

Rp bluntslide LA High

So we cruised around LA tonight looking at spots and ended up at LA High School.  RP killed it even with a hurt ankle.  Back Tails, Blunt slides etc.  Me and Lovell jumped the fence to go inside the school and looked at all the other spots inside, and there are a ton of them all over the place.  LA is sick as fuck for sure.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thank you rancho towing. I mean fuck u!

So we got our rental car towed in front of Ernies place, we parked in the 30 minute parking zone.  I guess we should have known.  Fucking Lame,  It took a couple out hours to get the car back.

Wheres Waldo?

Malto Shoe Releace Party

@ hensleys flying elephant so stoked

It was pretty sick hanging out at Hensleys Pub, its like a skateboarders mecha, there was a ton of skate stuff on the walls as well as punk records and a bunch of acordians on the wall.  Cool people, great music,  pool tables, and pro skaters and black box dudes hanging out.

Crazy shit for sure

Friday, January 22, 2010

At girl raiding that shit

LA High Times

So here is the play by play of the last 18 hrs, so we skated the Etnies TF with Davis, Ernie, Malto and some other random dudes who shoed up, ie Theotis, Louis Lopez, Figgy and bros,  Then we went to Maltos Shoe relace party and racked up $6,600 tab ashton seamed bummed.  Free beers, free sushi, free sake and every pro known to man was there.  Then on the way out Malto says do you guys want to go to the fantasy factory??? um trick question... fuck yes.  We watched mikey try 100 backflips on a bike, RP tried Front flips on a board, and we played frisby and basket ball with the random party goers.   They we went to a taco stand at 2 am ate and passes out or blacked out (lovell) at davis's. They I woke up to RP getting a phone call from the Boss (Andrew Reynolds) Calling RP so he could pick him up to go to deathwish for a photo shoot and to hang out.  And now the rest of us are deciding should we skate at girl today or drive to SD stay with ernie and Skate the black box park (zero).  maybe the most epic shit ever.  I wish everyone was here for the ride.

Malto sake bombs bitches

Lovell and big ernie skating etnies tf